Addition Plans

Addition Construction Drawings

AHSHD will design your Custom Addition as per One- and Two-Family International Code.  The design process starts with a home assessment.  After the Assessment, AHSHD will measure the existing structure to produce As-Built Drawings.   The As-Built Drawings becomes the starting point of the Addition.  We can now start the "Preliminary Concept" design.  After the "Concept" design is completed, we will produce a "Preliminary" design based on the initial meeting with the customer.  The preliminary Design will consist of a 3D View showing the exterior of the home (if needed) and floor plans.   Once the "Preliminary" is verified, we will create an electrical schematic showing lights, plugs and switches.  Once all of the above is verified, we will produce construction document to be used for your remodel.  Addition plans may need a Survey and Site Plan to verify the proposed addition does not encroach on Easements, Right of Ways, and Setbacks.

Existing, and Addition Exterior Elevation

Proposed Electical Plan

Proposed Enlarged Kitchen and Bath 

Addition 3d  Veiw

We ask the customers to bring sketches, pictures, Pinterest , and Houzz Ideas to the initial design meeting to add clarity to the design process.